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3’ x 4’ lockers, available in half height or full 8’ ceiling, are perfect for seasonal decorations, sports equipment, and winter tires.


With easy access, these mini  units are a great way to take the clutter out of your condo or small home.



Storage rooms start at 5’ x 6’ and range up to 10’ x 12’ providing ample space for bikes, lawn mowers, tools, and furniture.


With short hallway access, you are within 10’ - 15’ of your car trunk or truck; with no need for an elevator!  Ask about our built in shelving options.


Our popular roll up units are 10’ wide with drive-in access.


Up to 24’ depth will take multiple rooms of furniture, your classic car, or a small boat.




Do you need an extra closet, spare room, or garage?

With 16 sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the space to fit your storage needs.  And your budget.


All of our rooms provide clean, dry, secure storage.  Heated rooms are available in a limited number of sizes.  If you’re not sure what size of storage will fit your belongings, feel free to drop by for a look at a variety of spaces.  You can always upsize or downsize as your needs change.